Clay Habitat Guest Artist 10-30th June 2019

Yukiko Hiromatsu

Originally from Japan, Yukiko has been living in London since 1990. After completing her BA in Fine Art, a tailoring foundation course, and a BA in menswear fashion, she worked for Paul Smith as a men’s accessory designer for six years.⁣

Yukiko started her ceramic training in 2011 at Morley College and joined The Kiln Rooms in 2016 & currently produces her work at their Copeland Park studio, creating one-off pieces and small collections of wheel thrown stoneware and porcelain tableware. Each piece is hand thrown, turned and finished with utmost care.

"My main focus is in creating subtle tablewares with beautiful shapes, tactile surface, a nuanced and restrained colour palette, and lightness and effortlessness in handling."

— Yukiko Hiromatsu. Potter/Designer⁣

“⁣My education and experiences in mens tailoring greatly influence my work. In tailoring, the attention to detail and small differences create an understated elegance which is the hallmark of good tailoring. I strive to achieve that in my ceramic work. I also create my pieces with daily use in mind – The decoration is kept to minimum to allow them to sit in the background to quietly support the living space.⁣”

Follow Yukiko on Instagram: @y.pottery