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Noriko Nagaoka Ceramics

Noriko was born in Osaka and have lived in North London since 2003. Her journey into ceramics started when she took some evening ceramics courses. In July 2017, she decided to become a full-time potter and develop her own designs and shapes. Noriko’s love of nature and landscape has been a constant influence and inspiration, which is very much reflected in her work.

"I love nature and am deeply inspired by it - Trees, ocean scenery, the mountains, waterfalls, and animals are all inspirations to me. Every day I explore finding new shapes, sizes, weight and colours to express my inspiration within my ceramics. When it comes to ceramics, I am deeply influenced and inspired by the work of Japanese Master Potter Mr. Shoji Hamada. His spontaneous designs and clean shapes are what I strive to achieve in my own work." — Noriko. Ceramics Artist

Noriko uses the force of gravity when it comes to glazing her work, creating a natural and spontaneous fluidity to the final pieces. Noriko’s love of food sees her constantly thinking about how she can make food look better on the tableware that she makes; constantly exploring new shapes, forms and colours.

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