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L’Atelier M

Embracing the unpredictability that comes from the many shaping steps with clay, Marie brings each irregularity out to contribute to the singularity of her pieces. Inspired by nature and the French seaside where she grew up, Marie’s work reflects a quiet maturity and simplicity.

Before moving to London, Marie studied textile and ceramic design in Sèvres, and in Paris at Ecole Nationale des arts appliqués et des métiers d’art. (ENSAAMA). Since 2016, she has been designing and creating a collection of stoneware dishes under the brand label of L’Atelier M.

"I grew up by the French seaside; the sand on the beach, the blue-green of the water, the nature and landscape have all been great influences on my work. All of which have provided me with the inspiration for my creations. At the moment, crank stoneware has become my favourite clay. I like to keep the natural state of the clay material visible, often mixing different clays and contrasting their rough textures with carefully selected smooth glazes." — Marie. Ceramics Artist

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