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Katrin Maier Ceramics

Katrin makes wheel thrown tableware and one-off pieces that becomes part of the everyday live – to serve food and drink, to hold personal treasures or simply to be enjoyed for their beauty. Using porcelain, stoneware clays, slips and glazes to achieve her serene, muted colour palette, Katrin’s tactile rounded forms, simple line patterns and brushed surfaces extends an invitation to pause, look and touch.

"I am influenced by a childhood of making and mending with my mother and grandmother, an early and deep connection with nature and a fascination with everyday rituals and social interactions, which stems from my travels and my first career as social anthropologist. I found clay as a material, as a way of working and as a life philosophy that can weave these three defining aspects of my life together." — Katrin, Potter.

From her first career as a social anthropologist, Katrin’s time in Berlin, West Africa and London springs an interest in how people live their ‘everyday life’ within wider socio-economic circumstances, and how functional and ritual objects feature in this. In 2015 she found clay as a material, a way of working and a life philosophy that can bring all these aspects together. She now lives, teaches and makes in London.

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