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Karine Hilaire Ceramics

Karine is originally from France and was born in the rocky back country of the Ardèche, a region in the South East Rhone Valley. During her career in the fashion industry, working closely with luxury brands and designers, traveling the world to develop collections and garments, that she started to express, though clay forms and surfaces, her inspiration, energy and emotions.

"I was born in France in the rocky back country of the Ardèche. My love for art, creating & making stems back to my parents who are always building and growing much of everything they needed to live. The forms I create are functional vessels, which often take on a sculptural nature. I combined inspirations from artisans crafts and the use of coloured as well as black and white patterns has become a signature in my work." — Karine. Ceramics Artist

Upon completing a professional training in Paris at the Manufacture de Sèvres with artists and ceramicists, Karine founded a ceramic studio called l’Argilerie which quickly grew to over 150 members. She also teaches and develop workshops as well as organise events on clay & making.

Karine’s main inspiration comes from artisan and crafts, especially basketry and textiles like the African wax printed batik and traditional Ikat textiles from India and Central Asia. Her pieces are colourful, playful and intuitive; creating an eclectic mix of unique motifs and forms.

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