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Hold Ceramics

Based in North East London, Georgina’s interest in ceramics was piqued in 2016 by a slipcasting session, using clay dug from her neighbourhood, and learning about the rich historical connection Tottenham has with pottery. Following this, she continued with her journey in ceramics and became obsessed with clay, finding every spare moment to work with it.

Her brand HOLD Ceramics, which Georgina makes under, is a reminder for all to seek tactile offline experiences in this digital era.

"I've always found value in creative activities since my childhood, but the nature of this in our modern digital society has increasingly become screen based - something I find less satisfying and fulfilling for me. So, my transition to working with clay in 2016 feels like a personal revelation - the therapeutic and near hypnotic qualities of the making process, from throwing to trimming, bring out an intense level of subconscious creativity, and a means to be tactile and organic - To hold and be held." — Georgina. Ceramics Artist

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